Self Recharging is a set of self-acceptance techniques, which restore calm and provide energy gain.

When a relationship is down, either toward oneself or others, it is time to recharge and start again fully energised!

Indeed, that’s the challenge of Self Recharging, which target those with an interest in social mediation or teamwork: to improve self-understanding or to heal interpersonal relationships (between family members, couples, friends, and so on).

What are the techniques?

Self Recharging is a set of three distinct techniques, each of which has its own uniqueness. Those techniques cover a large spectrum of emotional unburdening and can be combined to magnify their effects.

THE FOREST: Self-acceptance through knowledge

The Forest, a technique of self-acceptance through knowledge

A comprehensive process of exploring every ‘charge’ which at the given moment lives inside the relationship.

THE TREE: Self-acceptance through dismantling

The Tree, a technique of self-acceptance through dismantling

An iterative exploration which consists of differentiating the accepted charge from the « yet-to-be-accepted » charges.

THE SUN: Self-acceptance through light

The Sun, a technique of self-acceptance through light

We seek to bring a positive bias to the reasoning surrounding the assumption that « Everything happens for a reason ».

How is SR original?

Pragmatic and efficient: the work begins concretely from a given issue (relationship, acknowledged difficulty…) ; the client then explores the activated charges in a methodical manner.

Comforting and clarifying: Self Recharging brings the inner freedom to be able to both express yourself from a place of peace and stop jumping to conclusions. This allows for a consciousness of what is living inside us.

Empowering and active: the marvellous effects of self-acceptance are expressed; you can now get back on track and make up your mind with serenity. You are finally recharged! You can thus take a new perspective on your life.

More articles about the fundamentals of Self Recharging are available in French here.

They talk about it

(Those are real people!)

I went from escalating verbal violence with my mother to moments of hysterical laughter all thanks to SR!

David C. / Client

I now spend less energy on pointless things; I’ve become calmer.

Valentin S. / Life coach

‘My relationship with my mother has become far smoother and I can finally talk deeply with her. I am happy!

Lucille Gonzales / Client

It was very liberating; I felt an energy boost and I could get over things which had troubled me. It’s really impressive!

Isabelle X / Journalist

This method is incredible, because it allows me to naturally get rid of the pressure linked to my choices.

Yamine B. / Student

It helped me greatly in dealing with my partner; finally, we have managed to communicate better.

Shanez Z. / Client

Identifying what lies inside relationships gave me a sense of great detachment and peacefulness, which surprised me a lot.

Maxime Pitot / Self Recharging founder

I enjoy reflecting on things, so Self Recharging was a revelation!

Coralie X. / Client

A great technique to put love at the heart of our relationships

Cécile L. / Client

Get a free session today! (yes, I’m serious)

Self Recharging is a new concept. Although I have practiced it with many people already – more than 30 individuals – it is still under personal tuning. So meaningful participation is fine for now.

So get in touch with me, the SR founder, and get your session today, either via Zoom or WhatsApp.

Maxime PITOT, from Paris, France.
+33 6 72 32 88 70

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